lkg soul advertising service

LKG Ads service est.2011 (now LKG Soul Advertising)

is a Brand created by “C.V Berkah Bestari”, under Group.

is a UMKM that continued its service after vacuum in 2016.

we served a best advertising service (agency) in network of Google ads, Yahoo ads, Bing ads, MGID, Video Creator, SEO, Content Writing, Email Marketing, market engagement, Brand market building, all in one digital advertising from a-z. we reach almost all network (market Reach) over the world.

“LKG Soul Advertising” has a motto: “Advert all in the soul”, means that we advert product (or/and) brand that match our soul. We only advert the best product in its market.

Galih Al-fattah Bestari,

17:02 PM


Bogor, Indonesia

Published by غاليح الفاتتاح بستاري

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